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Paul Rooney L.Ac. M.Ac.

31 Erie Canal Drive, Suite F1
Rochester, NY 14626

Paul:     585 - 720-0250

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Patient’s Testimonial

printed with permission

“I have been a patient of Paul’s for several years and have recommended his services to friends and clients. I had been keeping the pain from herniated discs in my low back in good control for many years with the help of chiropractic, even though Western medical providers insisted that surgery was the only solution. I wondered if the combination of acupuncture and chiropractic would work even better, and it has — I can’t recall the last time I had a bout of pain.
Because that was so effective, I asked Paul for his help with other concerns and was delighted with the immediate and persistent relief from vertigo that acupuncture provided, which again had been unrelieved by standard medical treatments. More recently, I’m delighted with the assistance he gave me to finally stop cigarettes. Paul is consistently competent and realistic about what things acupuncture can assist. He is learned, and informative, and he creates a safe and healing atmosphere for the treatments.”

K.G., Clinical Psychologist, Ph. D.

Gentle Acupuncture — Your Way To Wellness. Welcome to the web site of the American Acupuncture Clinic

You will find here information about Japanese acupuncture, our clinic and services, and health related topics.

Japanese acupuncture is a highly effective Japanese healing art. Our clinic is the only one in the Rochester area offering this unique healing modality.

Japanese Acupuncture does not hurt

I use sterile, single use, hair thin, flexible needles. My needling technique is subtle and effective. I specialize in the Japanese Meridian Therapy that is known for a gentle approach to needle insertion and acupuncture point stimulation. This is more comfortable for the patient than other styles of acupuncture. Most of my patients do not even realize that needles have been inserted as they relax on a soft treatment table in a warm and pleasant treatment room with soothing music. The patient might even take a nap.
They often tell me that they look forward to their appointments.
Call me if you have more questions about the effectiveness, safety, or procedures of acupuncture.

Paul Rooney

We offer you a place of healing, learning, support, and encouragement on your way to wellness.

Paul Rooney is a NYS licensed, nationally board certified acupuncturist specializing in gentle, highly effective Japanese style of acupuncture.
Acupuncture treatments are comfortable, deeply relaxing, and very effective in treating many health problems. Paul’s expertise and experience with Oriental Medicine’s approach to diagnosis, a gentle needle insertion technique, prescription of Chinese Herbs, nutritional and lifestyle guidance, wonderful listening and teaching skills gently support his clients on their way to wellness.

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There are no side-effects to carefully administered acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Acupuncture effectively treats a wide variety of health problems as it stimulates the mind and body’s own healing response. It is based on the principal that health depends on the balanced functioning of the body’s energy — Qi (pronounced chee). Illness results when the flow of energy is disturbed. An acupuncturist restores balance by stimulating acupuncture points that are located along meridians — pathways in the body for Qi.

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